Take some photos

Take some photos while you can - especially of and with your loved ones.  You never know how much those photos may mean to someone 36 years later.

Bitter-sweetly reminiscing over some photos taken 36 years ago.  Photos of an uncle who lived too far away, and passed away FAR too soon.  The memories are fond - the wishing he was still around is the bitter part.  I'll choose to celebrate the fond memories.  They mean a lot more to me than missing him does.  The fond memories bring me happiness.  

Round Headlights

I get "goosebumps" watching the image of the round headlights from a classic American Muscle Car pulling up behind me in the rear view mirror.  So much so that when I do see it I pull into the other lane and slow down just to watch them pass. 

Case in point - today, a vintage 1960's era Camaro pulled up behind me, and then alongside me (when I switched lanes and slowed down).  It was a a thing of beauty - and had a awesome sound to it too! 


I am grateful for ALL my nephews... and their successes!!  

More than four

After six nights of getting three (or less) hours of sleep, the feeling you get when you finally get a night of five and a half hours of sleep is nothing short of AMAZING, 

It's truly invigorating.


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Read This Story and Get Happier
The most popular course at Yale teaches how to be happy. We took it for you. 
By Adam Sternbergh Illustrations by Zohar Lazar

In the article, one of the suggestions is...
Extra Credit
Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal For the next week, write down at least five things for which you’re grateful every day. These can be big things (your kids) or small things (the Twizzlers you bought at the corner deli didn’t taste like they’d been there for eight months). One study found that, in severely depressed patients, taking the time to record just three things daily over 15 days led to a reported increase in well-beingin 94 percent of respondents.
I don't know if I will be doing the whole "five things a day for a week", but I can certainly give a go at trying to focus on both the big and small things that I am grateful for, or that stood out as inducing happiness!